Merlin seafood shop

Merlin – Seafood Shop – the new seafood concept in Eindhoven. A pearl. The hotspot for the fish lover. Merlin – Seafood Shop is all about beautiful products from the sea. Everything is fresh and of the highest quality. From exclusive fresh fish to fish products, salads and ready meals: Merlin Seafood Shop offers dishes for your home comparable to the quality you get in top restaurants.

Merlin – Seafood Shop is the new seafood shop in Eindhoven. Our fishermen set out every day for the tastiest exclusive fresh fish. Oysters, halibut, mussels or scallops: these are just a few of the fresh range. In addition to our range of fresh fish and seafood, we also have tasty dishes for home, fish salads and the most delicious to-go meals and sandwiches.

Merlin is derived from the French ‘Mer’ and is a combination of the Dutch name Linda. It is a reflection of French gastronomic quality, Brabantse (a province in the Netherlands) hospitality and the richness of the sea. As a sparring partner and advisor, she is in contact with Nico Zwarthoed, who opened the fish shop Visch in Den Bosch in 2013, a well-known connoisseur of high-quality fish products. The Merlin concept has been shaped by his experience and knowledge, among other things. With Merlin – Seafood Bar & Shop, Linda sets a new standard for the quality of fresh fish in the Eindhoven region.

Merlin – Seafood Shop: your rock in the surf.

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