Your new rock in the surf.
As vibrant as the city.
As sparkling as the water.
Always straight forward.


Stands for:

  • Merging of the French ‘Mer’ and the Dutch ‘Linda’

  • Merlin shows character

  • A modern name with a classic touch

  • Free interpretation of the fish Marlin, a powerful fish that is not easy to catch

  • Direct association with the sea

  • Recognizable in all languages, due to expats nearby

  • A name that stands for quality and hospitality

  • Can be used for all brands, from Merlin Seafood Bar & Shop to Merlin Delicious Fish Sauce

Merlin Seafood Bar - logo roze

Stationsplein 28, 5611 BC Eindhoven

+31 6 43436602

Open: 09:00 – 17:00

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