Merlin Seafood

The new seafood concept at the Stationsplein in Eindhoven! A pearl. The hotspot for the fish lover.

Merlin Seafood – Bar & Shop is all about beautiful products from the sea. Everything is farm fresh and of the highest quality.
Enjoy a delicious lunch and dinner in our Seafood Bar or visit our Seafood Shop and fish the tastiest fresh products for home!

Merlin is derived from the French ‘Mer’ and is a combination of the Dutch name Linda. It is a reflection of French gastronomic quality, Brabant hospitality and the richness of the sea. Owner Linda Rovers and chef Ralf Smeulders introduce you to their passion for fresh, high-quality fish and seafood dishes.

Choose a table in our restaurant, marvel at the navy blue and salmon pink interior and enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner. Or pop into our Shop! Here you can easily and quickly order a To Go dish on hand or fresh Seafood products for home.

Merlin Seafood Bar & Shop: your rock in the surf.

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